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De l'Europe
De l'Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Three nights in a River View Junior Suite
Retail value: $2,895
Starting bid: $1,740
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Hotel Seven One Seven
Hotel Seven One Seven
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Three nights in an Executive Suite
Retail value: $2,550
Starting bid: $1,530
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Conservatorium Hotel
Conservatorium Hotel
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Two nights in a Grand Duplex Suite or Junior Suite
Retail value: $1,790
Starting bid: $1,075
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frequently asked questions

Q. I wish to place a bid, but cannot find a place to do so?

A. There should be a blue “Login to Bid” button on each auction page, located in the top-right and middle-right sections of the page. After entering in your username and password, the “Place Bid” button should appear in its place.

Q. I am trying to place a bid; however the site keeps refusing my bid?

A. All bids must exceed the current high bid (or starting bid) by at least $10. When placing your bid, please enter whole numbers only. The system will not accept currency symbols, commas, and decimal points.

Q. I am trying to update/modify my billing information; however the site is not letting me proceed.

A. Billing information cannot be successfully updated/modified unless all sections are completed. In most cases, users experiencing difficulty are leaving a section blank, such as Country or Region/Province.

Q. I have successfully placed my bid. Now what?

A. You will be receiving an automated email shortly confirming your bid. You should also see your username listed as the “High Bidder” on the auction page.

Q. Will I receive notice if I am outbid?

A. Yes, an automated email will be sent to you if you are outbid.

Q. I successfully placed a bid; however I was immediately outbid. How is this possible?

A. Most likely, the bidder before you has placed an automatic bid, which is re-bidding up until a certain amount.

Q. The auction has closed and I am the high bidder. Now what?

A. Your credit card will be charged the amount of your winning bid plus a $25 processing fee. Once the card has successfully been charged, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and instructions on how to reserve your package.

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