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New York's Latest Upscale Asian Restaurants

Hideaway Report - February 15, 2017

With the introduction of three new restaurants, upscale Asian food gets easier to find in New York City. Read more...

Union Square Cafe Reborn

Hideaway Report - February 15, 2017

Union Square Cafe transformed the restaurant world — in New York and beyond. After closing in 2015, it's reopened a few blocks away from the original. Read more...

Fabulous Food Halls of New York

Hideaway Report - February 15, 2017

New Yorkers love their markets. A number of notable food halls have added greatly to the available options. Read more...

New York Hotel News

Hideaway Report - February 15, 2017

With the surge of visitors have come new additions to the ranks of high-end hotels, including the Whitby Hotel and a downtown Four Seasons. Read more...

Top New York Restaurants

Hideaway Report - February 15, 2017

Fine-dining establishments have returned to New York, and there has been a relative paucity of newcomers likely to appeal to Harper members. Read more...

Recommended New York CIty Hotels

Four of Mr. Harper's - and readers' - Manhattan favorites. See them all...

St. Regis


Sumptuously restored Beaux Arts landmark hotel in the Midtown Fifth Avenue shopping district. Read more...
Luxury Travel Experts & Recommendations | The Lowell, New York
The Lowell

The Lowell


Luxury Travel Experts & Recommendations | Four Seasons, New York
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Luxury Travel Experts & Recommendations | Baccarat Hotel, New York
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