The Gift of Travel

By Andrew Harper

The Hideaway Report | December 21, 2017

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There are some well-organized people of my acquaintance who begin thinking about suitable presents for the following year as soon as the holidays are over. And by the end of June, their task is virtually complete. Personally, I have absolutely nothing in common with these paragons of planning. When the festivities are less than a week away, I generally succumb to a feeling of panic. At that point, one of my preferred ways out of the crisis is to give Andrew Harper memberships as gifts. This may seem rather unimaginative of me, but I’m pleased to say, they’re invariably well-received. Over the years, Andrew Harper has expanded to a point where we offer an unrivaled range of products, services and benefits. The Hideaway Report remains the most reliable and authoritative source of information about luxury travel. And this is because we continue to travel anonymously and to pay full rates in order to deliver independent and unbiased reviews. (It is a source of constant amazement to me that it is practically the only travel publication that continues to adhere to these principles.)

In addition to being a compendium of the 1,000 best hotels and resorts in the world, The Andrew Harper Collection is a unique repository of travel wisdom. And our website continues to expand exponentially, with an ever-increasing number of stories, as well as dramatic slideshows and videos. Also, membership brings with it a remarkable range of valuable benefits, including room upgrades, free nights and spa credits. So I urge you to follow my example: Andrew Harper memberships make ideal gifts for family and friends, as well as for clients and colleagues. Travel transforms people’s lives. Give the gift of travel this coming holiday season. Call (866) 831-4314, or visit

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Andrew Harper Photo Our editors write under the Andrew Harper byline so they can travel the world anonymously to give you the unvarnished truth about luxury hotels. Hotels have no idea who they are, so they are treated exactly as you might be.


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