The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance features historic and unique cars - © Kimball Studios

Upcoming Events at Pebble Beach

February 2015 Hideaway Report | By Andrew Harper

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Aside from golf, Pebble Beach serves as a venue for notable events. Every spring, the Pebble Beach resorts are home to Pebble Beach Food & Wine (April 9-12, 2015), a four-day celebration that features notable chefs such as Thomas Keller, Jacques Pépin and Daniel Boulud, and more than 250 vintners. Open to the public, it offers cooking demonstrations, wine and spirits tastings, and the chance to sample some of the most interesting dishes during special dinners.

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (August 12-16, 2015) is more than 60 years old and is widely regarded as the best display of historic and unique automobiles in the world. The 2014 event featured 218 cars, and the Best of Show trophy went to a silver 1954 Ferrari Scaglietti coupe that was originally designed for filmmaker Roberto Rossellini. Runners-up included a 1934 Packard, a 1934 Hispano-Suiza and a 1937 Rolls-Royce. For those who love cars as much as golf, it is hard not to be overwhelmed by the sight of classic automobiles arrayed on the 18th fairway of the Golf Links, overlooking Carmel Bay.

Preparations for Pebble Beach Food & Wine - © Robert Ellis Photography
Preparations for Pebble Beach Food & Wine - © Robert Ellis Photographyk

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of the February 2015 Hideaway Report under the title "Major Upcoming Events."

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