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Our local partners know their region like you know your hometown, so you can relax and truly enjoy your vacation as they handle the on-location logistics. See a few of the on-the-ground experts our Travel Office works with below.

The 1492 Company

1492 caters to those who take life to the level of an art form, to today’s visionary navigators, the enlightened individuals who are looking for the best material and non-material experiences that life can offer.


andBeyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalized luxury safaris in Africa and South Asia. 

© Tommy Picone

Belmond’s iconic hotels, trains and river cruisers are part of a diverse portfolio that embraces some of the globe’s most thrilling destinations from Europe to Asia and South America. 

Original Senses
© Gbarm/iStock/Thinkstock

From private cruising through the Cyclades to gastronomic exploration on the island of Corfu, Original Senses offers unique itineraries throughout Greece and abroad. 

Thousand Hills
© Photodynamic

Thousand Hills Expeditions was founded in Rwanda in 2004 as a bespoke luxury safari company. 


France-based Decouvertes is experienced in receiving American clients interested in the roots of French culture. The company's mission is to give access to educational experiences and to interpersonal exchanges in France.

TCS World Travel

Explore the extraordinary with the world leader in private jet journeys. TCS World Travel carries travelers to the far corners of the world in safety, style and luxurious comfort on a variety of remarkable trips.

Premier Golf, LLC

Wide World of Golf specializes in golf vacations around the world, including the Caribbean region, Australia and South Africa, as well as some of the classic golf destinations in the U.S. and Canada.

Adventures In Golf

Adventures In Golf creates customized golfing itineraries at world-class resorts in Scotland, Ireland, England and Spain.

Lakani World Tours
© Lakani World Tours

Lakani World Tours believes every journey should be a one-of-a-kind experience. For decades the Lakani team has had a passion for creating inspirational journeys, traveling the world and building personal relationships

Seasonz Travel

Based in Auckland, Seasonz will assist in planning every detail of your travel to New Zealand according to your wishes.

Costa Rica Expeditions

Costa Rica Expeditions has worked tirelessly to promote tourism that is beneficial to both the visitor and the visited.

Absolute Italy

Absolute Italy specializes in providing services to travelers who wish to experience the best of Italy with knowledgeable English-speaking guides and drivers.

Asia Transpacific Journeys

Asia Transpacific Journeys creates custom itineraries that promote cross-cultural understanding and encourage environmental sustainability.

Butterfield & Robinson

Butterfield & Robinson designs active journeys to incredible destinations.

Entrée Canada
Dennis Fast

Entrée Canada designs custom deluxe travel experience to western Canada.

Exeter International
© Dan Weisberg

Exeter International can arrange backstage tours, private museum visits and gala palace dinners, creating custom holidays.

IC Bellagio

IC Bellagio specializes in Italy and orchestrates each trip to bring this destination to life with out-of-the-ordinary itineraries.

National Parks Revealed
National Parks Revealed

National Parks Revealed specializes in creating unforgettable moments in the magnificent U.S. National Parks.

Nubia Tours

Nubia Tours serves the sophisticated traveler seeking a superior experience, personalized service and competitive pricing.

Wilderness Safaris
© Dana Allen

Wilderness Safaris is a conservation organization and ecotourism company dedicated to responsible tourism throughout the areas in which it operates in southern Africa.

Dream Escape

Dream Escape provides tailor-made travel services in Scotland, England and Ireland.

Journey Mexico

The distinctive and exclusive trips created for Andrew Harper members by Journey Mexico explore the incredible history, archaeology and culture that make Mexico one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

New Faces Tourism Travel & Shipping

The team at New Faces skillfully guides Andrew Harper members from modern-day Turkey to the fascinating historic sites and relics of 17 civilizations.

Norwegian Adventures
© Bjorn Jorgensen /

Norwegian Adventures creates custom, authentic travel experiences within Scandinavia for quality-minded, adventurous clients.

Abercrombie & Kent
© Sanctuary Retreats

Since 1962, Abercrombie & Kent has built its reputation by being the first to bring unexpected comforts and amenities to remote destinations.

Entrée Alaska
Fritz Mueller 2005

From the Inside Passage to the Arctic Circle, Entrée Alaska designs the most unusual and authentic experiences in destinations both iconic and out-of-the-way.

Heritage Tours Private Travel

Heritage Tours Private Travel creates custom-designed, private tours of Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Sub-Saharan Africa

Rocky Mountaineer
Rocky Mountaineer
Nine Worlds

Experience the perfect blend of five-star nature and luxury on a unique adventure in Iceland or Greenland with Nine Worlds.

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