Courtesy of Cibolo Creek Ranch

Photo Gallery: Cibolo Creek Ranch

By Andrew Harper

The Harper Way | December 12, 2012

Looking out over the vast Chihuahuan Desert, it is easy to forget you are still in Texas.

The landscape is a scene from an old Western, with rolling hills and dusty mesas more reminiscent of New Mexico. Cibolo Creek Ranch lies 33 miles south of Marfa, in the Big Bend of West Texas, and was founded in 1857 by cattle baron Milton Faver both to safeguard his trade between Mexico and Fort Stockton and to protect his 20,000-plus Longhorn cattle from raids by Comanche and Apache Indians. Three main springs, Cíbolo, Ciénega and Morita, provide the ranch with a constant supply of good water, and Faver constructed an adobe fort at each. Today, the 30,000 acres are home to wildlife such as elk, buffalo, javelinas, aoudad (Barbary sheep) and white-tailed deer."

ocatillo cibolo milton favor tomb on hill head on buffalo cibolo cibolo pool view across cibolo lake dry waterfall hike cibolo

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