Landscape at Domaine de Murtoli - © Camille Moirenc

Profile: Domaine de Murtoli, Corsica

By Andrew Harper

The Harper Way | November 11, 2011

Domaine Camille Moirenc  

The Domaine de Murtoli recalls what the Mediterranean must have looked like when Homer penned the "Odyssey." Occupying 4,900 acres in southern Corsica near Sartène, this spectacular resort is comprised of renovated stone farmhouses scattered across an idyllic landscape of fragrant maquis, the bright green carpet of bushes and wild herbs that covers much of the island. Huge boulders stud the property, which is bordered by a private five-mile white-sand beach lapped by the sparkling blue waters of the sea. Read my full review in the May 2011 Hideaway Report. -A.H. Domaine Camille Moirenc  

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