Capella Lodge

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Tranquil Capella Lodge offers a chic beach-house ambience. Main public areas feature indoor/outdoor lounges with floor-to-ceiling windows, recycled wood floors and rattan lamps. Nine rooms, among which the Lidgbird Pavilion is the most opulent, with an upper-level bedroom area, spacious wraparound deck, private plunge pool and magical 270-degree view. The ...


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Capella Lodge does not offer online booking. Contact Andrew Harper Travel to book

Andrew Harper Travel Benefits
Available to members when booking online or through Andrew Harper Travel
  • Best available non-restricted rates
  • Copy of the book Island Rising – A History of Lord Howe Island per suite
  • A gourmet barbecue or picnic pack for two per suite, plus a 50 AUD spa treatment credit per suite
  • For stays of four nights or longer, a room upgrade from a Capella or Catalina Suite to a Lagoon Loft, when available at time of booking

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