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A Letter from Andrew

Dear Traveler,

I am the editor of Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report, a luxury travel newsletter that first appeared in 1979 and grew quickly from word of mouth and small advertisements placed in The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal. The original "Andrew Harper," a pseudonym, founded the publication out of disillusion with supposedly objective travel reviews that were undermined by commercial priorities. Instead, he chose to travel anonymously and to pay his own expenses in pursuit of intimate properties with unique identities that offer unusually high levels of personal service.

After growing his newsletter to reach tens of thousands of affluent subscribers, the founding Andrew Harper retired in 2005. As his handpicked successor, I spend around one-third of my year traveling and have visited more than 125 countries. I continue to travel anonymously and to pay full rates.

Hotels have no idea who I am, or that I am there to write a review. In other words, I am treated exactly as you might be. This approach is still extremely unusual, especially today with the ever-growing number of undiscriminating review sites. Most other publications, even well-known and well-respected ones, accept discounted rates or free accommodations, and this can color their judgment.

Luxury Travel Reviews Since 1979

Of course, the company's offerings have grown over the years. Today, the Andrew Harper Collection is a peerless reference guide to the world's most distinguished hotels and restaurants. We have an online magazine version of the Hideaway Report, with lavish color illustration, videos and expanded content. The biggest change, however, has been the transformation of a simple publishing business into a comprehensive private travel community.

Nowadays, Andrew Harper provides a select group of discerning subscribers with personalized trip-planning assistance, a range of valuable benefits at hotels and resorts that I personally endorse, and a robust website offering access to my reviews and the planning tools to turn dreams into reality.

Warm regards,

– Andrew Harper

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