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The world can’t be experienced from behind a desk. Andrew Harper knew that, so he set about leaving corporate life for something bigger — an exploration of the world at a time when global travel was becoming more commonplace. In his desire for authenticity, he sought out small hideaways in unspoiled corners of the world, sharing his findings with friends in
Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report. Along the way, he developed a following and a company was born.

Now, almost 40 years later, Andrew Harper has a team of editors crisscrossing continents seeking out unparalleled properties in the most enchanting destinations worldwide. Andrew Harper editors travel anonymously and pay full rates for all travel-related expenses, allowing Andrew Harper to do what no other travel company does today: Publish reviews with an unyielding commitment to independence and objectivity.

Our editors all write under the Andrew Harper byline so they can travel the world anonymously to give you the unvarnished truth about luxury hotels.
Each month Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report, The Andrew Harper Collection and The Harper Way show readers the best the world has to offer.

Andrew Harper Recommended Hotels

Each of our hotels has been carefully vetted and reviewed by our team of experts before receiving Andrew Harper’s coveted endorsement.

We highlight outstanding hotels with exceptional character, a commitment to classic hospitality and a profound sense of place. All hotels are selected on a completely independent basis, and every year our team of editors adds and drops hotels from our list of the world’s best hotels.

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